Ghost oil. About the miraculous properties of Macadamia Oil.

Macadmia oil breaks records of popularity among cosmetics for hair oil treatment. Delighted women describe it in only appreciative words and upload photos before and after the treatment with this oil. What makes it so special when it comes to hair care?

  • oil is being obtained from small nuts of macadamia tree growing in Australia.
  • in contrast to other oils used for hair oil treatment, macadamia oil does not cause greasing of hair and scalp… in fact, used in right (read: minimal) amount does not leave a trace.
  • this amazing power of absorption makes applied oil disappear in the deeper hair structures in a matter of seconds.
  • this “cosmetic Houdini” is equally fast absorbed by the skin, that is why it is so enthusiastically used on hair as well as on other body parts – its use is very easy, you do not have to worry that everything around you will be covered with oil.
  • that is not the end of the tricks – oil does the magic and speeds up drying time, because it can effectively push away water particles.
  • it is irreplaceable during colourisation: applied before the treatment not only makes hair dye pigments absorb faster, but also strengthens treatment results and provides hair with beautiful gloss.
  • consists of unseen fatty acid omega-7: palmitoleic acid. It is one of main ingredients of sebum produced by our scalp. No wonder, that it is so well absorbed by the skin, which with age loses sebum and becomes dry. Follicles particularly need it, so that hair could grow healthy, thick and dense.
  • macadamia contains a lot of selenium, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium.
  • vitamins present in this oil are E, B1, B3 (niacin), B5 and B6.
  • that is still not the end of benefits of this oil, because right behind vitamins is folic acid, which is an exceptionally important substance that takes part in creation of our genetic matrix, i.e. DNA. It means that folic acid regulates growth and later functioning of our cells.

So, if you are a fan of hair oil treatment or like body masks and compresses (e.g. hands or feet) you need to put to test this Australian magician.