What you don’t know about macadamia oil for hair?

Macadamia oil for hair is one of less popular vegetable semi-finished products. It is more of a result of unawareness than its weak properties. There is so much we yet do not know about this oil in contrast to other oils for hair. That is why, today we will try to expand the knowledge about macadamia nuts oil.

What you don’t know about macadamia oil for hair?

Macadamia oil is being imported from Australia

In the capitol of kangaroos is being manufactured the greatest amount of macadamia oil, which later is distributed all around the world. Macadamia ternifolia is a tree that grows only in Australian rain forest. What is more, Aborigines knew properties of nuts and oil from this tree for ages. Currently macadamia is cultivated also in Hawaii, Costa Rica, Brazil and Zimbabwe.

Nuts of macadamia tree are edible and really sweet

Fruition time of macadamia tree is 100 years! Nuts of this Australian plant resemble a bit hazelnuts, they are also edible and are consider to be the sweetest nuts in the world. They have hard shell and edible pulp. The content of macadamia oil in nuts is really high – from 59% to even 78%.

Macadamia oil has intense scent of nuts

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that macadamia oil smells like nuts. After all, it is being obtained from nuts. Smell of natural, cold pressed macadamia oil is very intense and stays on hair for a long time. Macadamia oil for hair oil treatment is recommended to those people who like or at least tolerate aroma of nuts.

Macadamia oil is a “vanishing oil”

How can oil vanish? Through immediate absorption in, e.g. hair. Macadamia oil consists of high concentration of fatty acid omega-7 (so called palmitoleic acid), which is an ingredient of human skin. Its absorption is excellent and macadamia oil perfectly penetrates hair and skin in a matter of minutes.

Macadamia oil is sensitive to light and likes high temperatures

The sensitivity of macadamia oil to light makes it necessary to keep in dark places, best in dark glass bottle. However, its properties are of highest quality if oil is applied warm. Proper application of macadamia oil is based on warming up small amount of oil in hands or warm place and even application. Nevertheless, macadamia oil should not be boiled!